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Watch this sample clip from his course in expositing John 14. Dr. Ferguson’s course will cover the essential benefits of salvation granted to us in our union with Christ, including justification, sanctification, perseverance, assurance, amongst others. You will explore the work of Christ by the Spirit as he applies redemption to the church and the believer.


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Frequent Questions
What classes can I take as a visiting student?
As a visiting student, you have access to all of the courses in the Master of Arts in Counseling and Master of Arts in Christian Studies programs! Here is a list of courses that are available to you:

Why should I pursue an online MA in Theological Studies degree?

With the MA in Theological Studies degree, we wanted to offer—in the most concise way possible—a master's degree that takes students through the contours of Reformed thought, to train people for ministry in the local church. As a student, you will engage with church history and Christian apologetics, explore biblical interpretation and systematic theology, and interact with faculty and classmates as you study Scripture and learn how it informs and applies to all of Christian life. 

You will have the opportunity to develop the confidence and competence you need to serve, no matter your calling or location. Because the MA in Theological Studies is 100% online, you can remain where you are, continuing to serve your community, while receiving world-class training. If you are looking for a manageable program that will equip you for ministry and challenge your faithfulness to who God is and what he has revealed, the Masters of Arts in Theological Studies is for you!